World Change Wednesdays: Throw A Party and Invite Your Neighbors

wine.jpgIt's the season for lots of parties. You might even be hosting one youself - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannakuh, Kwanza, Ugly Sweater, New Year, Birthdays, etc. There are so many opportunities for parties in November and December. Here's a quick tip to make your party even more fun and world changing: Invite your neighbors! Let me explain.

3 facts:

  1. We often don't know those who live right next to us - on our street or on the floor of our condo building.
  2. Parties with the same circle of friends and family can sometimes get boring. Sometimes there's even a little bit of drama because you all know each other so well.
  3. Parties can get loud and annoy our neighbors. As I heard someone say once, "Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor's noisy party than being there."

When I lived in a large building, I put invitations under all the doors on my floor. Not everyone came, only a few, but it was so much fun to have people I didn't know there. Plus, they made some great connections with my friends that wouldn't have happened otherwise. At one of my parties someone ended up landing a job!

After the party, I'd still see them sometimes, like in the elevator or when taking the trash to the chute. We would actually know each others' names, have a conversation, and be friends. When we needed a cup of sugar, we knew who to ask to borrow some.

Getting to know your neighbors is a great way to start some positive world change. Throwing a party is great way to get to know your neighbors. #SmallMatters

Comment and share something awesome that's happened because of a party.

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  • Jessica, inviting neighbors over for dinner is a great alternative to hosting a big party – especially for introverts for whom smaller groups are more manageable. Keep up the great work!
  • This is very good :) we haven’t thrown any neighborhood parties, but have been inviting various neighbors over for dinner. So fun!
  • “by making your network larger you, in turn, make your world smaller”
    Great way to summarize Molly!
  • I love throwing parties! I always make it a point to invite people who don’t know each other, but might enjoy connecting. I’ve seen great relationships form this way. It’s very cool that by making your network larger you, in turn, make your world smaller.