World Change Wednesdays Introduction: #SmallMatters

Each Wednesday for at least 6 months (October 2 thru April 2, a.k.a. Overflow's 5 Year Anniversary), you will find us posting a little inspiration for you and your world changing endeavors.  #SmallMatters...


Expect quotations, images, trivia, poetry, stories, and more!  

The moral of this series is #SmallMatters.  This hashtag can have so many meanings - most of which we'll get to over 6 months.  But at its heart is a cry to "Never give up!  Keep swimming!  What you do each and every day can make a big difference for the world at large."

We encourage you to share our posts with #SmallMatters.  Spread the word about World Changing Wednesdays, starting October 7.

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