World Change Wednesdays: Share and Hear Stories

books.jpg"Stories are the most powerful tool we have to connect to each other.  They are the basic building blocks of community.  Strong stories engage people on a human level and lay the foundation for deep, lasting relationships - the kinds of relationships that create movements and change the world." - Michael Kass (Nation Builder)

During the holidays, people get together more often.  Especially with family, we're prone to tell stories whether they be our own or someone else's.  Older siblings in particular like to pick on their younger siblings by telling an embarrassing story to their holiday date.  Yet, the power of story can go way beyond holiday parties and family embarrassments.

Here's how I incorporate story into my life... 

I tend to have a lot of one-on-one meetings with people I'm just beginning to get to know.  I like to start the conversation and break the ice before getting to the business at hand.  To do this, after the normal greetings, I simply say, "Tell me your story." This often throws people off guard.  Our time is limited.  We have business to get to.  Why would I bring up such a broad topic?

Because I care more about the person I'm meeting with than about whatever we'll accomplish together.  They are a human being after all.  Their value is so much more than whatever transaction I'm wanting out of them.  In this way, I get to know where they are coming from, what they are really passionate about, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  I find we end up with a much deeper connection.  We are more likely to stay in touch, remember one another, and create something bigger than the transaction for which we had our original meeting.

Stories can change the world.  Share yours and hear others!  Comment and share how this makes a difference for you.  If you haven't before, let's set up a time to meet.  I'd love to hear your story.  :-)

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