World Change Wednesdays: Never Give Up

photo-1454165804606-c3d57bc86b40.jpegI know it sounds cliche but it's true those who change the world are those who persevere.  We talked a lot about perseverance when we were celebrating our 4 year anniversary of opening Overflow.  Today, we're starting to see the rewards of that perseverance and can say it was totally worth it.

Here are a few words Brandon wrote about a year ago and a couple new thoughts for me as we approach celebrating 5 years.

"A friend recently asked, 'How did you do it when so many places rarely make it this far?'   I thought about it for awhile and came back with one word: Perseverance.  In the midst of challenges and struggles, we kept going.   We kept going when we had family challenges.  We kept going when finances were tight.  We kept going when we felt like we couldn’t.  This is not to say that there are times to end things.  We know that too well when it comes to other attempts we've tried.  But through all of the ups and downs and highs and lows, we believe God has shown us favor as we have been faithful."  

There's a saying going around with startups and entrepreneurs.  It goes something like, "Don't trust anyone who's never failed" or "Failure is a pre-requisite for success."  Perseverance means seeing failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Failure doesn't mean you stop.  It means you're getting closer.  So keep going!  We all face challenges and struggles at some point in our lives.  What matters is what we do with them.  I vote for persevering.

Comment and share your own stories of perseverance in the midst of the challenges you face.

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