World Change Wednesdays: More on Treating Human Beings as Human Beings

Conscious Capitalism Book CoverI just HAVE to share this 2 paragraph quotation from Conscious Capitalism. It speaks volumes!

"One of the most powerful ways to grow as a person and as a leader is through our relationships, especially with the people with whom we are most intimately connected, including our spouse or significant other, parents, children, friends, and coworkers. Potentially, everyone we interact with is our teacher. They can help us to change and improve - if only our minds and hearts will open wide enough. ...

"Try this exercise: treat every person you encounter as fully enlightened. Everything they say and do, no matter how strange or harsh or even cruel it may seem, is intended to help us become a better person. Every interaction we have with people will now be seen as a new opportunity for learning and growth. Everyone becomes our teacher trying to help us and we will accelerate our personal growth in unexpected ways. This is a fun, but challenging exercise and can be done at any time. We simply need to consciously practice it. An interesting thing happens when we view people as englightened: many start living up to that vision. They actually become kinder and gentler. As we treat them that way, they become attuned to it. In a way, we're giving them permission to be their own higher enlightened selves." (page 206)

Share your reaction to these words.  Maybe try the exercise and report back what happens.  


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