World Change Wednesdays: Joy

photo-1421906375741-f6bda4abe433.jpegI thought I'd do a little 3 part series for the holidays on 3 small words that get a lot of use this time of year: Joy, Peace, and Hope. Here are some thoughts on how joy can change the world.

I wrote a blog post recently about joy but this one has quite a different spin. Instead of being about finding joy in a life's work, this post is about finding joy in more extracurricular activities.

Very soon, many of us (I hope) are going to have some time off work. I would venture to say that how you spend your off time can impact your joy in life and can impact the world at large too. Perhaps this is too obvious if you're debating between a tropical paradise vacation and a vacation spent building homes in Haiti. But what if you're like me and ready to do as little as possible and recover from 60+ hour work weeks throughout the year?  What does world-changing joy look like during down time?

Here's maybe one suggestion: Reconnect with your intrinsic motivation. When was the last time you did something just for the enjoyment of the activity itself? If you're working 60+ hours per week, I bet it's been a while. Perhaps if you use your time off to do something just because you enjoy it, you'll see some cool stuff happen. Psychologists propose you might create positive emotion, a sense of meaning, a sense of progress, or some additional competence. Experts also suggest that people are more creative when they are intrinsically motivated.

Can you imagine if 100 people did this? What about 1,000? What about 1,000,000?

Let's start with 1. I plan to use some of my time off to think deep thoughts and journal them. Not about anything in particular but just because I enjoy it. Comment and share your plans to do something just for the enjoyment of the activity itself.


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