World Change Wednesdays: Can't Do Everything but Do Something

photo-1448832945950-bc85f82891bd.jpegOne of my favorite things to say, mostly as a reminder to myself, is this: "You can't do everything but you can do something."

What do I mean by this?

I mean, I'm not anyone's savior or guardian angel. Thus, I can't save anyone from poverty of any sort (material, relational, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.). I've got my own kinds of poverty with which to deal. I'm pretty sure the same goes for you too.

But I can look beyond myself to others. I can solve my own poverty by building better relationships with people who also struggle with poverty, especially of a different variety. We can share our respective wealth with each other so that each other's poverty is reduced, theirs and mine.

What does this look like? Some ideas:

  • Instead of handing out food, make food together. 
  • Instead of (or in additional to) giving money, volunteer your time. 
  • When mentoring kids, you, the adult, benefit too. 
  • Be sure whatever you do to "give back" makes you happy while you're helping make others happy too. Give and receive!


For further reading, I recommend When Helping Hurts by Steve Sorbett & Brian Fikkert.

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  • Great post! I can’t disagree with the idea that we can’t change somebody’s world (material, emotional or spiritual), but we can help people to change their beliefs. We can’t influence people to take a particular decision, whether right or wrong, but we can advise and explain to them what is right and what is wrong. Many of us depend on the written word to survive. And I always strive to help people and express it in writing. We can help each other while sharing our experience. In my blog I just write about everything, any <a href=“”">">useful content</a>, interesting things, news, tips and tricks, weird and funny facts, useful information for people and everyone who writes!