World Change Wednesdays: Belonging

One of Overflow's main mantras: "If you want to change the world, you can't do it alone." It takes a community. An essential element of community is belonging.

What does it mean to belong? To prime our thinking about how to answer this question, I have 3 thoughts from Peter Block in Community: The Structure of Belonging and 1 practical example from me (Amanda Neely).

Thoughts from Peter Block

Community = the experience of belonging.

To belong.

1. To be related to and a part of something (membership, being at home).
2. To be an owner, co-creator, co-owner of your community.
3. Longing to be - to find a deeper purpose in all we do.

In community, we learn to belong. As we belong, we learn to be. As we are, we find deeper purpose for our lives.

Practical example from Amanda Neely

An Offensive Linebacker outside of community is just a bully walking around knocking people over. They'd go to jail. But on a team and in the game (in an active community), an Offensive Linebacker helps protect the Quarterback and move the line of scrimmage closer to the endzone. In community, an Offensive Linebacker belongs and finds deeper purpose. Their purpose makes sense.

How do you and your gifts find deeper meaning as you experience belonging? For me as an Information Gatherer, I find practical use for the information I gather by applying it to my community. This blog is a great example of my gifts at hoarding information making more sense in community - instead of just hoarding information to myself, I share it with others and hope they are inspired with their own gifts. Otherwise, my stack of books has much less meaning.


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