World Change Wednesday: Valuing Conflict

photo-1458724338480-79bc7a8352e4.jpegSomething you might not know about Brandon and me is that we fight a lot. Just ask our baristas. We always have different ideas about how to answer the questions of our business.  You see, Brandon is the oldest sibling in his family and I'm the youngest in mine. We also have widely divergent expertise. As you might pick up on already, conflict arises all the time. I think this has actually made us a better, healthier business. Let me explain why.

Remember back to high school english class. For some of us it brings back better memories than others but maybe you remember learning about the plot line of stories. Most importantly, that every good story has a conflct that builds and builds until the climax. Then there's a resolution and story wraps up. What moves the story forward and keeps you interested is the conflict.

There's something powerful to be learned from storytelling about conflict in real life - whether in business or marriage or any relationship in which we find ourselves experiencing conflict. What I'm positing is that conflict is a good thing when you treat it as a means toward moving the story forward. Rather than ignoring it, what if we took that conflict and figured out how to use it to come up with world changing ideas?

That's what Brandon and I have learned to do in both our personal and professional lives. I think it makes us better managers and better friends. When there are conflicts, we see them as healthy opportunities to improve something - ourselves, the situation, communication, etc. It might not always change the world but it does change ourselves and that's start.

#SmallMatters. Comment and share your own positive conflict story.

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