World Change Wednesday: Social Enterprise

Social enterprise... Mission Driven Venture... L3C... Nonprofit, For Profit Hybrid...

There are many ways you could refer to what it is we do here at Overflow.  Understanding what these actually mean is a different story.  We've got a video we think will help you understand and then a quotation from the book referenced in the video The Mission-Driven Venture by Marc J. Lane.



 "What's so exciting about mission-driven ventures is that their potential is transformational. ... They do no make the condition of the disadvantaged more tolerable, but innovate and disrupt in ways that governments, philanthropies, and traditional non-profits simply cannot, given the challenges of public budget austerity and declining charitable giving. ... 

"If [they] are able to grow and replicate their tremendous success, they will significantly contribute to solving the world's most intractable social problems" (4-5).


Two words stick out to me from the quotation: innovate and disrupt.  Yes, #SmallMatters.  Yes, small innovations and disruptions can grow and replicate.  You might wonder,  "Is this really what Overflow plans to do?"  Our answer is "Yes, one cup at a time."

Come hear about our future plans and how our best success is still to come at our 5 Year Party on April 2.  Get your tickets in advance and save $10 from the door price.

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