World Change Wednesday: Mentoring

photo-1459267809427-0b40207b2cb5.jpegI've been fortunate enough to have some great mentors in my life.  Maybe it's due to my personality.  Even as a kid I enjoyed hanging out with old people.  All my grandparents had passed before I was 5 years old but I had people like Mary G and Pat P who were like grandmothers to me.  Then, in college there was a Mairee P and Meredith E who were just a little older than me but loved to have coffee and talk about my life.  I don't think I would've made it through college without them.  Then, with the journey of being an entrepreneur, there have been so many people who have taught me things and just listened when I needed to talk.  There's Cindy N, Marty and Sandy B, Ruth and John H, and so many more! 

Mentors have literally shaped my life.  I would hope the same for everyone on the planet.  If you have a mentor, great!  I'd encourage you to keep up the relationship.  If you don't have a mentor, here are my top 3 ways to find one.

1. Think of who you know who's more experienced than you in an area you want to grow in.  If you already know someone, reach out and ask them if they will teach you what they know about that area.  

2. If you don't know someone already, share with the people you know that you're looking for a mentor.  Ask them if they know someone you could learn from in that particular area.  See what connections happen.

3. Go to where mentors are already.  For entrepreneurs, there are plenty of options.  Two I know of are SCORE and  Do a quick Google search and see what happens.

Finally, I can't talk about finding a mentor without also pointing out that there are great benefits to being a mentor as well.  Mentoring someone else is a great way to pay it forward and enrich your own life in the process.  

Comment and share your experience with being mentored or being a mentor.  I'd love to hear your stories!


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