World Change Wednesday: Just Keep Learning

Read the title again with your best Dory voice. "Just Keep Learning.  Just Keep Learning."

Warren Buffett reads 500 pages a day.  Maybe you can't do that.  I know I don't think it's possible for me.  There are other ways to take in new information.  Here are my "Top 3 Ways to Just Keep Learning."  Hopefully, you can see how they can help you change the world.


3. Podcasts. I listen to 3 - 2 business related, 1 about being more human in a technological world.  They all keep me motivated to change the world and encouraged by others who are trying to do the same.  Since I've started listening, I've begun to find little windows of time to tune in and keep learning.  It's surprising the pockets of time that normally would've been wasted that I now plug in my headphones and grow my brain.

2. Google Alerts. We definitely don't have time to sift through all the information being added to the web every day to find what would actually interest us.  Google can do it for you though.  Here's the link:  You just put in the topics you care about and how often to alert you.  I get a daily digest at 9am with links about coffee, community building, small business, and a couple other items.  You choose what's of interest to you and what time you want to get the email.  Google does the rest.

1. Build relationships with people who are culturally different from you.  Other cultures have different perspectives on the world than your own.  Different perspectives help us have a more well-rounded view of the world.  This might take the most time if you have a very homogeneous circle or it might just mean starting to actually talk to people you see every day.  Start with a simple "Hi. How are you?" and see what happens.

Comment and share your own ideas for how to "Just Keep Learning."


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  • I would add that unfollowing and subsequent a miscellaneous and motivating mix of community on communal media is an additional great way to have relevant and of the essence content to you. Vist our website
  • Great! I would add that unfollowing and following a diverse and interesting mix of people/groups on social media is another great way to have relevant and important content to you.