World Change Wednesday: Be a Supporter

bag-and-hands.jpgI recenty sat in on a webinar about finding the right support network. In case your unfamiliar, a support networking is about 5 to 10 people who you can really rely on. It's an entrepreneur's dream to have a great support network, especially since 70% of what a support network offers in emotional support. Emotional support is something I see as indespensible to starting and running a successful business.

But most of you reading this post aren't entrepreneurs. You're more likely to be the support network. Here are 4 benefits for you that might convince you to seek out an entrepreneur to support.

1. Like I already mentioned, 70% of the support an entrepreneur receives from her support network is emotional support. It just so happens that emotional support makes the supporter feel like they've helped 70 times as much! Think about it. When you've made someone's day or gave them a great piece of advice that helps them feel less stressed, doesn't that make you feel good too? You might not always see the difference a donation of money makes, but your emotional support can often be immediately apparent. Plus, it'll compound over time and you'll see bigger and bigger results.

2. Entrepreneurs give their support networks exclusive perks or first dibs on perks. You'll get access to products and specials no one else does or before anyone else.

3. Entrepreneurs share a deeper inside scoop with their support networks. You'll get to see a side of the business only the entrepreneur sees.

4. You scratch an entrepreneur's back and she'll scratch yours. Whatever you do for a living, you better bet that the entrepreneur will send you clients as she builds her network and meets people with whom you'll love to work.

So how do you join an entrepreneur's support network? Start by being a customer. Next, bring them more customers. Then, ask good questions like, "How's your business really doing?" and "What are your biggest challenges right now?" If (a) there's a good connection and (b) the entrepreneur needs and wants your support, I bet they will take it from there.

What shoud you NOT do? Don't offer advice right away. Entrepreneurs hear all the time, "You know what you should do?" Start with listening and offer advice only when asked for it.


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