World Change Wednesdays: The Anti-Slavery Jingle

Some poetic inspiration for your holiday!Santa-01.jpg

Jingle, jingle, jingle
The Christmas season’s here
Good ‘ole Kris Kringle
Should be full o’ cheer
But he’s not

All around this great big world
Are children whose lives have been hurled
Down a dark abyss
But this crisis Saint Nick won’t dismiss

Laying a finger aside his nose
Up the ladder of compassion he rose
To the rooftop but not with a “ho! ho! ho!”
Rather he shouted, “no! no! no!”

He could not stand idly by
While children in dark corners cry
And traffickers get off on the sly
And no one bothers asking why

This Claus is giving the elves new jobs
To find out where they get their thingamabobs
If their thingamabobs are made by slaves
Claus himself will invade their enclaves

This Claus won’t stop until he’s sure
To re-abolish slavery for the entire future
To make every child’s life secure
To end the venture of torture
To make every life a treasure
To impact every culture

And Mrs. Claus will make the marketing brochure.

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