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photo-1466193341027-56e68017ee2d.jpegMy last post was, "Break the Mold."  It's summer now so it's time to think about "taking a break." Which leads me to a question: Can taking a break help you make the world a better place?  If so, how?   

If you're like me, you might sometimes feel guilty for taking a break.  You might feel like you're not giving your business all you should, especially if your business is still in its youth.  You might feel like there's so much suffering to help alleviate.  Yet, we know that we can't work all day, every day.  We'll burnout and not be able to help anyone.

It's still hard though.  I know I definitely need some extra inspiration to help me step away from the computer, get out of the coffee shop, and go play.  So, I wrote down a 3 reasons to take a break and let loose this summer.  I hope they help you while they're helping me.


1. Free your mind.  I've been reminded by a couple people recently of the power of freeing your mind.  We agreed that when our brains are freer is when we get some of our best ideas.  Just think of how many times a breakthrough has come to you when you finally decided to take a bathroom break.  In fact, the name for "Overflow Coffee Bar" came to me back in 2008 while I was in the shower.  

2. The power of play.  This one is a little intuitive but still hard to put into action (for me at least).  There is a creativity that comes from play that opens our minds to solutions we wouldn't otherwise think of.  The strategy you employ to win a game of Settler of Catan (one of my favs) might shake lose a business strategy you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.  There's even some people who make their business bringing games into the workplace for this very reason.  

3. The happiness factor.  There's some considerable research out there to show that when we are happy we tend to be more productive.  It's the margins of life - the down time spent being with people you love, doing things just for the sake of the enjoyment they bring - that increase our satisfaction with life.  Then, that satisfaction carries over into our work.  Shout out to my friend, Richelle, for reminding me of this just a few minutes ago.


So there you have it.  Three reasons to take a break.  I bet you can think of more.  Please comment on this post and share them, if only to help me!  :-)


(This was written while my family waited for me to be done with work for the day so that we could spend quality time together.)

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