Our Mission

Overflow Coffee Bar is more than a typical coffee shop.

Our MissionCoffeewithFlowers.jpg

Our mission is to add value to the world by actively doing good in and through the community while offering an exceptional coffee experience. We accomplish our mission through three priorities.

1. Ethical Economics – Our products make a real difference in the lives of farmers who grow the raw materials, in the lives of the workers who assemble them and for the environment. Our products are also top of the line in terms of quality. We promote fair-labor and environmentally-friendly practices that benefit the planet and all those who live here. We use only direct trade coffee that pays at least 25% more than the minimum fair trade rate directly to farmers.



2. Community Building – We help neighbors get to know each other. We bring people of all different backgrounds and life stages together and encourage them to make their community and the world a better place for generations to come. We don't want people to just not do others harm, but to look for ways to actively do good, so we set the example--in how we treat our employees, our customers, our vendors, our neighbors. We want to add value to the world, for it to be a better place because we were here. 


3. Excellent Craftsmanship – We want you to experience the full value of the exceptional specialty coffee our farmers and roasters provide for us, so we train our baristas in quality coffee craftsmanship. We make sure they understand how to tie together all of the variables to pull the perfect shot of espresso and steam the ideal milk for the drink of your choice. We hold our other vendors to the same high standards of freshness and quality for the ingredient and menu items they provide, so that your experience is the best that it can be. Because that's actively doing you good and that's what we're about! 

Our Values

130.jpgOverflow Coffee Bar values people, both individually and collectively. We build relationships among employees, customers, the neighborhood and the world at large. The following values work through this web of relationships to bring people together toward accomplishing our mission. 

1. Quality Customer Service – We serve our employees who in turn serve our patrons. By treating our employees well, we know that they will serve our patrons well. We exceed expectations by providing a great working environment for employees and a clean, comfortable, friendly environment for our patrons. In addition, our products exceed expectations, helping employees take pride in their work and customers feel better served.

2. Purposeful Living – Consumers speak with how they spend their money and volunteers speak with their time and talent. People want to make a difference but often do not know how. We want to educate and inspire living lives of purpose with time, talents and money.

3. Creativity  Artists often lead the way with communicating world changing messages. We value these expressions and their power to question assumptions and create solutions. We want to support local artists who have unique perspectives on the world and are looking for ways to communicate those perspectives.

4. Holistic Approach  Overflow uses a holistic approach to addressing world issues and issues within our neighborhood.

We’re not just focusing on one or two issues because the issues are connected with one another. For example, a coffee farmer personally experiences the injustice of slavery and often is connected with other injustices like lack of access to education and political corruption. South Loopers also face these same things right in our own backyard.

Just as we must approach the issues holistically, we must also join together as a community to have a greater impact. We need to integrate and partner. We need to lay aside our own agendas and seek the greater good as one voice and one heart made up of the diversity within our neighborhood.