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    Overflow is a social enterprise. As such, we're a mission-driven venture. That means we do this to make a positive difference. We're not rich or anything. We're just average (or maybe below average) people trying to do our part for the planet and the people who live here.  Owners Brandon and Amanda grew up in poverty so we have a special impetus to end poverty around the world. We invite you to contribute and further us and our mission. In particular, your gift will help Overflow open a second location and spread our mission to a whole new group of people!


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    building3.jpgAs you probably know already, Overflow is more than your typical coffee shop.  Our hope is to inspire a genuine and local community of people who change the world with their purchasing power, time, and talents.  

    You can be a part of this world changing community online, right here.  Plus, you'll receive special discounts and inside scoops while getting to know your neighbors and spreading the world changing mission of our community.  

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