Introducing Our New Manager


Self-proclaimed coffee nerd and introvert Kari Pendelton was born on the South Side of Chicago, the fourth of five siblings. Her family moved to Scotland when she was 10, so her father could participate in a semester study abroad program through Moody Bible Institute. They loved it so much they stayed, and Kari spent the remainder of her school years in Glasgow. She then moved back to Chicago in 2011 to attend Moody Bible Institute herself.

Kari's love for coffee first began in Scotland, along with a love for baking. As a teenager, she lovingly kept her family's home supplied with fresh baked, traditional Scottish shortbread and ultimately found herself selling them to a local businessman. Dreams of one day having her own bakery took shape in Kari's mind: Bakes by Kari--a place where people could come and enjoy the warmth of a cozy bakery and experience the power of hospitality. Kari truly believes that when people experience genuine love and warmth, it has the power to change them for the better.

Kari continued to practice and perfect her baking skills while still in Scotland and after moving to Chicago, as well as perfecting her coffee nerdiness through 10 years working in the coffee industry. Over the years, Kari developed a strong conviction that love for people should drive passion for product and a work ethic that includes intentionally seeking ways to do good.

Kari brought that conviction and work ethic to Entrenuity as Overflow Coffee Bar's new Manager. With quality training directly from Ipsento Coffee, where Kari worked for the past year, Kari's excited to present Overflow's specialty coffee from Ipsento at its very best, consistently. Entrenuity's also excited to help her launch Bakes by Kari and feature her baked goods at Overflow. We hope you'll enjoy being on this journey with us as we seek to intentionally do good in and through our community while offering an exceptional coffee experience.       

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