I Couldn't Possibly Do Everything

photo-1414115880398-afebc3d95efc.jpegWe've been pretty serious in our posts lately.  To lighten things up, I thought I'd bring out some poetry I wrote a few years ago.  I hope you enjoy.

You activists and nonprofit workers
Listen up
You have a thoroughly convincing case
You share compelling stories
You present undeniable facts and figures
I couldn't possibly do everything

Even is I tried to do all you ask
I'd end up
With the very poverty, hate, and diseases
You are aiming to cure with what you desire of me
I couldn't possibly do everything


I'm not sharing this to tell you
To shut up
I believe in your causes and their potential
To make this world a better place but reality says
I couldn't possible do everything


So here's a promise I make to you
With hand up
You continue to advocate, fundraise, and recruit
Even if it means my heart strings are tugged till they fray
I couldn't possibly do everything
But I can and will do something

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  • Great word.