"Why do you use ethically sourced and fair trade coffee?"

submitted by Ben A.


Because ethically sourced coffee really does make a positive difference in the world!  After oil, coffee is the 2nd most widely traded commodity on the planet.  Its impact on human cultures and the natural environment extends literally around the world.  If you want to change the world, first, reduce your consumption of oil and second, purchase ethically traded coffee.

It doesn't stop there though.  Did you know that Overflow also uses ethically sourced tea, cocoa, sugar, and more?  Our baker has relationships with hundreds of midwestern farmers.  It might start with oil and coffee but it doesn't end there.  Each product we consume can have a positive (or negative) impact on those who got it to us and the planet that gave us the resources for it.  We are working toward a world where every product is ethically traded, all human beings are treated as human beings, and the planet's resources are here for generations to come.

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