Entrenuity Purchases Overflow

Entrenuity's expanded mission for 2018 includes not only launching new businesses, but also developing existing businesses in the community. These ventures create employment, skills training and real-time opportunities for entrepreneurs, while increasing sustainability for businesses and Entrenuity.
In Jan 2018, Entrenuity bought Overflow Coffee Bar, located in the same building as the Entrenuity offices at 1550 S State Street in Chicago, from founders Brandon and Amanda Neely. Continuing the mission to be more than just a typical coffee shop, Entrenuity upholds Overflow's commitment to ethically sourced products and to building community. More than just not doing harm, we seek to add value to the world by actively doing good in and through the community--including employees, vendors, customers, neighbors and visitors. We specifically want to do this while offering everyone who comes through Overflow's doors an exceptional coffee experience.
Overflow's new Manager, Kari Pendelton, has over 10 years' experience in the coffee industry and is also an entrepreneur in the process of launching her own baking business, Bakes by Kari. Entrenuity is excited to offer Kari business coaching and training to get Bakes by Kari off the ground, and to also offer Kari a platform to feature her baked goods by selling them at Overflow Coffee Bar. Kari considers herself a coffee nerd and her unyielding commitment to excellence and consistency has Overflow's specialty coffee from Ipsento Coffee tasting better than ever!

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