Black Her-Story Matters

Artist Emma Craigen designed the "Black Her-Story Matters" t-shirt currently sold at Overflow Coffee Bar. The t-shirt is actually a screen printing of a piece of Emma's original artwork titled, "Grow from Your Roots, " a combination Black History Month/Women's History Month art piece critiquing and satirizing what is, or rather, what is not, taught in schools. This piece specifically highlights the history of Black women in America, which is even more overlooked, and therefore what Emma wanted to celebrate and emphasize. 


"The past few years of middle school, my adopted black sister has lamented and been frustrated by a lack of recognition, relevance, and realism in schools when it comes to Black History and current events. A group of multiracial middle schoolers don't just want to learn about the old white guys who wrote the constitution, they want to know the stories about people that look like them, too. It's time that curriculum was changed to reflect a full and diverse reality.

Black History Matters. Black Women Matter. Representation Matters. Especially in schools. 

Model: my beautifully ferocious and ferociously beautiful budding social justice princess warrior little sister: Trinity"

~Emma Craigen

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