Michael Schuster

  • "What was your motivation for starting a small business in the South Loop?"

    submitted by Michael S.


    There are two parts to this question: 1. What motivated us to start a business? and 2. Why did we locate in the South Loop?  Both are excellent questions.  Let's take them each in turn.

    1.  Our motivation to start a business stems from our childhood.  Brandon grew up hanging out at local coffee shops.  Amanda grew up being an activist.  After we got married, our destinies combined to create Overflow - a local coffee shop with a mission to make the world a better place.  The concept of Overflow ultimately stemmed from us asking questions like "What's our life purpose?"  Then, looking back on our lives journeys to find themes that directed our future together.  Coffee, community, and social justice joined with sustainability and mixed with our spirituality to create some dreams we've only begun to see take shape.

    2.  Our motivation to be in the South Loop pretty much boils down to timing and emotions.  We started dreaming of opening a coffee shop in 2008.  In 2007, the South Loop was the fastest growing neighborhood in the nation but didn't have a local, independent, third-wave coffee shop.  So, we immediately pinpointed on the area.  We started walking through the neighborhood.  I (Amanda) in particular found myself crying sometimes when I'd walk through the South Loop.  I just knew this is where I had to be!

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    building3.jpgAs you probably know already, Overflow is more than your typical coffee shop.  Our hope is to intentionally do good in and through our community while offering an exceptional coffee experience.

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