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Address: 1550 S State St - Chicago, IL 60605

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We accept all major credit cards but prefer cash. 

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Latest Posts from the Blog

Overflow Your Possibility

#smallmatters here at Overflow Coffee Bar, which is precisely why we started our elite coaching service, Overflow Your Possibility.  Overflow Your Possibility is our coaching service. We offer elite coaching to highly motivated entrepreneurs and innovators. In short, we help people make money doing their passion and impacting the world for the better. Pretty cool, huh? We are on a mission to help people help make the world a better place by taking steps toward achieving their dreams. Overflow Your Possibility will be the new home for our blogs. There have been several posts since the last post here, so go check out to continue reading some great, inspiring content.  Read more

World Change Wednesdays: I Learned Triple Bottom Line on My First Day of Kindergarten

From the first day of kindergarten to the final day of high school, my parents said the same thing to me every morning before I'd get on the bus or be dropped off at school.  I'm in my early thirties now.  I didn't realize until this week that they were teaching me how to live life with a triple bottom line.   I'm so very thankful to my parents for instilling the triple bottom line in my life.  The concept is so deep that I didn't even realize the fuller implications until this week.  Actually, I was on the treadmill at the gym listening to a podcast when it hit me.   Read more

World Change Wednesday: Waterfalls

I was visiting a mountain on the Pacific coast where there were lots of waterfalls.  Brandon (pictured) likes to say we were "chasing waterfalls."  For me, it was a great time to reflect.  Being there gave me some perspective on life.   I was trying to imagine what it would be like to be a water molecule - just single H2O surrounded by millions, if not billions of other H2Os.  I imagined thinking... Read more