Overflow is more than your typical coffee shop. Stop by soon and see for yourself.

Hours: Mon-Sat 7am to 8pm, Sun 8am to 6pm
Address: 1550 S State St - Chicago, IL 60605

We have FREE WI-FI.  Just ask for the password when you place your order. 

We accept all major credit cards but prefer cash. 

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Latest Posts from the Blog

World Change Wednesday: Waterfalls

I was visiting a mountain on the Pacific coast where there were lots of waterfalls.  Brandon (pictured) likes to say we were "chasing waterfalls."  For me, it was a great time to reflect.  Being there gave me some perspective on life.   I was trying to imagine what it would be like to be a water molecule - just single H2O surrounded by millions, if not billions of other H2Os.  I imagined thinking... Read more

World Change Wednesdays: Fill In the Blank

I'm trying something a little different this week.  I want to inspire you to perhaps think a little bit bigger or a little bit brighter.   I give you permission to read on and take some time to meditate, journal, think, whatever it is you'd love to do in response to this prompt.  Maybe grab a nice cup of coffee with a window seat and give yourself some space and continue reading. Read more

World Change Wednesdays: Transforming the Dreaded To-Do List

I seem to live in a cycle of going from feeling like I control my to-do list to feeling like my to-do list controls me.  Every few months, I feel completely overwhelmed and become like this cat... just wanting to take a nap already!  I never, ever can accomplish everything on my list.  Yes, I can prioritize, cut, delegate, etc. but there has to be a better way to accomplish goals than using a to-do list.  So I gave up.  I stopped keeping a to-do list.  I transformed my to-do list into something inspiring...  Keep reading to see what I'm doing now. Read more