changing the world one cup at a time



Overflow is more than your typical coffee shop.

Our hope is to inspire a genuine and local community of people who change the world with their purchasing power, time, and talents.

 We hope you'll check us out soon and see for yourself! 

Hours: Mon-Sat 7am to 8pm, Sun 8am to 6pm

Address: 1550 S State St - Chicago, IL 60605

We have FREE WI-FI.  Just ask for the password when you place your order. 

We accept all major credit cards but prefer cash.


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2. Get inspired in your own world changing endeavors.  Check out the latest from our blog.  Here are the last 3 posts:



I know I couldn't possibly say anything that hasn't already been said about being thankful and its impact on happiness, compassion, and making a positive difference in the world.  Thus, here are 7 curated items to help inspire gratitude!  The first is this photo to remind us that each new...

"Stories are the most powerful tool we have to connect to each other.  They are the basic building blocks of community.  Strong stories engage people on a human level and lay the foundation for deep, lasting relationships - the kinds of relationships that create movements and change the world." -...

Some poetic inspiration for your holiday!