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Latest Posts from the Blog

Take A Break

My last post was, "Break the Mold."  It's summer now so it's time to think about "taking a break." Which leads me to a question: Can taking a break help you make the world a better place?  If so, how?    If you're like me, you might sometimes feel guilty for taking a break.  You might feel like you're not giving your business all you should, especially if your business is still in its youth.  You might feel like there's so much suffering to help alleviate.  Yet, we know that we can't work all day, every day.  We'll burnout and not be able to help anyone. It's still hard though.  I know I definitely need some extra inspiration to help me step away from the computer, get out of the coffee shop, and go play.  So, I wrote down a 3 reasons to take a break and let loose this summer.  I hope they help you while they're helping me.   Read more

World Change Wednesday: Break the Mold

Habits. Does that word have a positive or negative connotation to you? I know for me it's both. I have some habits that I count of for my success and others that hold me back from being my best self. Here's my take of why breaking the mold of both good and not-so-good habits might be worth it. Read more

World Change Wednesday: Be a Supporter

I recenty sat in on a webinar about finding the right support network. In case your unfamiliar, a support networking is about 5 to 10 people who you can really rely on. It's an entrepreneur's dream to have a great support network, especially since 70% of what a support network offers in emotional support. Emotional support is something I see as indespensible to starting and running a successful business. But most of you reading this post aren't entrepreneurs. You're more likely to be the support network. Here are 4 benefits for you that might convince you to seek out an entrepreneur to support. Read more