changing the world one cup at a time


familydateatOverlfow.jpegOverflow is more than your typical coffee shop.

Our hope is to inspire a genuine and local community of people who change the world with their purchasing power, time, and talents.

 We hope you'll check us out soon and see for yourself! 

Hours: Mon-Sat 7am to 8pm, Sun 8am to 6pm

Address: 1550 S State St - Chicago, IL 60605

We have FREE WI-FI.  Just ask for the password when you place your order. 

We accept all major credit cards but prefer cash.


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One of the things we like to remind ourselves is this: "If you want to change the world, you can't do it alone."   We are SO fortunate to have great customers who get this.  Watch this video to hear and see for yourself a few people who represent the...

I know it sounds cliche but it's true those who change the world are those who persevere.  We talked a lot about perseverance when we were celebrating our 4 year anniversary of opening Overflow.  Today, we're starting to see the rewards of that perseverance and can say it was totally...

We released a video last week that tells a story of Juan the coffee farmer and what it's like to produce and sell coffee.  It's a composite story that represents the reality for the average small coffee farmer.  There are about 23 millions farmers like Juan who, with the Coyote...